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Gary Taubes – Good Calories, Bad Calories

Two very important things relating to diet I’ve watched recently. It’s not just cancer, it’s all connected I think. Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease and Cancer. Fat cells work very much like tumor cells in that they want to take in as much glucose as they can. Insulin helps the cells store the fat and keep it in there and you get huge insulin spikes when you eat a lot of carbs, especially sugar’s. Insulin is the bad guy and cancer cells attach insulin to the the outside membrane so they can farm as much glucose out of the blood as possible, kinda like gills it lets the cell take in the glucose.

Gary Taubes – Why we get fat

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

In summary we have got it all very wrong. Fats aren’t bad for you, it’s the carbs and especially sugar. Sugar is as bad for you as alcohol, they are virtually metabolically identical.

So ye damn! Alcohol is a carb then as it’s basically sugar. And my goal is to starve the tumour of the sugar it loves so much probably means no more juice! Fruit or otherwise, ggrrrr. And like Alcohol, sugar is addictive, they play on the same receptors!

If you have the time, certainly have a watch, they are a bit long, but pretty amazing.




Gary Taubes