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Keeping my Wisdom teeth.

Turns out there is a reason they are called Wisdom teeth and its not very wise to remove them!

So I am scheduled to have my Wisdom teeth removed, or so I thought. I went in for other reasons (having my mercury fillings replaced with ceramic ones) and the dentist noted I had bad inflammation of the gums and that my wisdom teeth were partly to blame. He wants to whip em out when he replaces the fillings next time I see him.

So I started doing a bit more digging and research and I found out that teeth and mouth health have a direct correlation to the brain and memory. It makes sense, our teeth have big nerves attached to them and our nervous system is essentially an extension of our brains. So basically your teeth are hard wired into your brain. Here’s a great article I found that led me on this path, definitely worth a read!

I think I will keep my Wisdom teeth thanks. It just means I have to take better care of my mouth and get those bleeding gums under control!

More on that later, just some pointers for now.