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My New Brain

Hey dunno if you guys know, (those close to me knew) but I was quite worried that after everything, that my brain didnt work so good. You know, the brain injury during the accident, the surgery to remove the tumor, the tumor itself and then the seizures. You know, I “think” thats quite a lot for the brain to handle (pun intended). And yes there is an s, I had another one. but im not allowed to call them seizures anymore but more on that later. (good news)

So ye turns out I was wrong and my “new” brain is actually working better than ever. Im glad I hit my head, its lead me to a much healthier life style and a lot healthier brain. I feel like a kid again, wanting to learn everything, reading the encyclopedia from cover to cover metaphor kinda thing. Its awesome.

 The worries I had were due to me actually being stoned from the day I got out of hospital! Haha (my friend Emma saved my life by getting me onto the cannabis oil literally the day I got out of hospital). You bloody dummmy, of course you have been acting like you have Alzheimer’s, its because you are fucking stonned all the time, duh. I was to stoned to know.  But its easily fixable, just have to lower the dossages. And actually I think its part of my new found thirst for knowledge. you know, weed has been known for centuries to aid creativity. Its great, it gets your brain going in different ways! and they banned this shit, oh no, it gets to many people thinking outside of the box! The governments (corporations) of the world cant have that! they wouldnt be able to make money off smart healthy people.Im also doing a heavy metal detox. which I recommend everyone looks into. Its clogging up your brain. Below article talks about Alzheimers. –

Also about the non seizures I been having. They are called Syncope’s”temporary loss of consciousness caused by a fall in blood pressure.”

So its like feinting really but a bit more hectic with muscle convulsions still a thing. The second one I had I was able to predict 10 mins before it happened. SO thats a good thing, also both times I had one I didnt take my cannabis oil, so there is that. And you kinda get used to it so it doesnt feel like getting stonned and I actually struggle to do that. Resorting to smoking/vaping weed on top of the oil just to try get that high feeling, its tough.