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No Cannabis Oil = Seizure

I need some positive vibes peeps! WAAAAAH!

So yesterday, after not having a car for over a year, i drive to work for the first time! Wahoooo! Go Swales.

Unfortunately around 11am I had a seizure at work, convulsed on the floor for about 3 minutes 🙁 and was taken to hospital. I was later released that evening, a bit confused but mostly healthy. This is my first ever seizure and it happens 4.5 months after my surgery? Hopefully its a one off but its to early to tell 🙁

My luck is fucking shit! In the 4.5 months since the accident, I havent had one seizure, let alone one in my life, yet the day after the weekend i get my car (aint she pretttty) 🙁 i get one! There are laws around the world relating to seizures and driving and rightly so, but looks like im gonna be out for 3-6 months 🙁

Thats the thing im most upset about is, is the timing and the loss of the use of my Vehicle that I have only just got!

I am failing to mention we got an early peak preview into my cancer growth! Next one was due in 3 months and its been 3 months since my last! The tumor has got smalller!!!!!!! thats right folks, when they did the first scan 2months after the surgery, they decided it haddnt grown at all so they wanted to just watch it. Well in another 3 months its got smaller!!!!

For all you neigh sayers out there questioning my dietary choices and cannabis oil treatments. Did you know that 60% of post op brain tumor patients lead to epilepsy! More than half! i think its pretty good i have only have had 1 and its taken so long!

I think I may be on to something with my diet and oil. Its all Connected.

Did you know Epilepsy has 2 known “Natural Cures”. And they are both the Keto Diet and the Cannabis oil! Its all connected 🙂 If anything i think i have been holding them at bay with my current treatments 🙂 now I have to go on invasive Epilepsy medication! SO not only is my diet addressing my tumor its probably helping my Epilepsy!